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About Cheung Heng

Cheung Heng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly – Miaoyou Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1980. Our business mainly focuses on manufacturing stamping components and developing stamping dies. We have a diverse product portfolio, such as components for automobile, electronics, office & household furniture, wood crafting tools, hand tool, fishing equipment, stereos, medical equipment… etc. Cheung Heng upholds high standards in management and production. Gained recognition from local and foreign customers.

Adhering to the concept of integrity and precision

We adhere to concept of honesty and pragmatism.

Since 2006, Cheung Heng entered the industry of conveyor belt, we received appreciation from customers from central Taiwan for over a decade. Through the continuous technology and process improvement, together with strict quality management, we offer the products that bring satisfaction to customers.

Best Business Partner

Changheng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to being the best partner for its customers and is committed to providing customers with high quality metal related parts and solutions.

Innovations & Perpetual Improvement

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the company through continuous enhancement of technology research and development, product innovation and intellectual property patent distribution, through the continuous improvement of technology and services, and continuous improvement of production processes. Based on customer-oriented thinking and creating added value, we are moving towards sustainable development.

Superior quality, reasonable price

Changheng Precision Industry’s products have won the trust and support of customers with superior quality and reasonable price! In the future, the company will adhere to the consistent belief and go hand in hand with customers, based in Taiwan, look to the world!

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